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Sandia Software for Networks from DARPA GRAPHS Program

DARPA GRAPHS Special Projects Meeting

Tamara G. Kolda, Todd Plantenga, Ali Pinar, Seshadhri Comandur, Jonathan W. Berry, Madhav Jha, Cynthia Ann Phillips, Christine Task

Conference Paper – 2014 Conference Paper 2014

Why do simple algorithms for triangle enumeration work in the real world?

2013 ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

Dwayne L. Knirk, Cynthia Ann Phillips, Seshadhri Comandur, Luke A. Fostvedt, Daniel J. Nordman, Alyson G. Wilson

Conference Paper – 2014 Conference Paper 2014

Challenges in Streaming Graph Analysis

NSF Workshop on Research Directions in the Principles of Parallel Computing

Dwayne L. Knirk, Steven J. Plimpton, Seshadhri Comandur, Matthew Oster

Conference Paper – 2012 Conference Paper 2012
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