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USACM Thematic Workshop On Uncertainty Quantification And Data-Driven Modeling

Stewart, James R.

The USACM Thematic Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification and Data-Driven Modeling was held on March 23-24, 2017, in Austin, TX. The organizers of the technical program were James R. Stewart of Sandia National Laboratories and Krishna Garikipati of University of Michigan. The administrative organizer was Ruth Hengst, who serves as Program Coordinator for the USACM. The organization of this workshop was coordinated through the USACM Technical Thrust Area on Uncertainty Quantification and Probabilistic Analysis. The workshop website ( includes the presentation agenda as well as links to several of the presentation slides (permission to access the presentations was granted by each of those speakers, respectively). Herein, this final report contains the complete workshop program that includes the presentation agenda, the presentation abstracts, and the list of posters.

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ALEGRA Update: Modernization and Resilience Progress

Robinson, Allen C.; Petney, Sharon P.; Drake, Richard R.; Weirs, Vincent G.; Adams, Brian M.; Vigil, Dena V.; Carpenter, John H.; Garasi, Christopher J.; Wong, Michael K.; Robbins, Joshua R.; Siefert, Christopher S.; Strack, Otto E.; Wills, Ann E.; Trucano, Timothy G.; Bochev, Pavel B.; Summers, Randall M.; Stewart, James R.; Ober, Curtis C.; Rider, William J.; Haill, Thomas A.; Lemke, Raymond W.; Cochrane, Kyle C.; Desjarlais, Michael P.; Love, Edward L.; Voth, Thomas E.; Mosso, Stewart J.; Niederhaus, John H.

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Results 1–25 of 30
Results 1–25 of 30