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Recent Advancements in SPPARKS AM Simulation Capabilities

TMS 2022 Annual Meeting and Exhibition

Theron Rodgers, Robert Moore, John A. Mitchell, Jeremy Trageser, Daniel Moser, Fadi Abdeljawad, Jonathan D Madison

Abstract – 2021 Abstract 2021

Interaction Of Cesium And Cobalt With Concrete For Radionuclide Decontamination Purposes

International Conference on Environmental Remediation and Radioactive Waste Management

Robert J. Hoekstra, Katheryn B. Helean, Robert C. Moore, Ranko Panayotov Bontchev, Linnah Louise Neidel, Fred Salas

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007

Use of an Isosaccharinate Containing Gel for Decontamination of Actinide Contaminated Surfaces

American Chemical Society 2002 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting

Robert J. Hoekstra, Robert C. Moore, Mark D. Tucker, Fred Salas

Book – 2002 Book 2002
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