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GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1, February 1999

Stuart L. Kupferman, Roger P. Pawlowski, Edward D. Wilkes, Richard B. Lehoucq, Louis Romero

Other Publication – 2002 Other Publication 2002

Large Scale Eigenvalue Calculations for Computing the Stability of Buoyancy Driven Flows

Journal of Computational Physics

Elizabeth A Burroughs, Richard B. Lehoucq, Andrew G. Salinger

Journal Article – 2001 Journal Article 2001

On Finite Element Discretizations of the Pure Neuman Problem

Computer Methods in applied Mechanics and Engineering

Pavel B. Bochev, Richard B. Lehoucq, Richard B. Lehoucq

Journal Article – 2001 Journal Article 2001

An Automated Multilevel Substructuring Method for Eigenspace Computaton in Linear Elastodynamics

SUAM Journal of Scientific Computing

Jeremy Lieber Sprung, Richard B. Lehoucq

Journal Article – 2001 Journal Article 2001

Understanding the 8:1 Cavity Problem via Scalable Stability Analysis Algorithms

First MIT Conference of Computational Fluid and Structural Mechanics

Stuart L. Kupferman, Richard B. Lehoucq, Roger P. Pawlowski, John N. Shadid

Conference Paper – 2000 Conference Paper 2000
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Results 151–155 of 155