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Magnetic Insulation, Power Flow, and Pulse Power Results on RITS-3

14th International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams and 5th International Conference on Dense

R. Jeffery Lawrence, Ian Douglas Smith, Patrick Allen Corcoran, Vernon Leslie Bailey, John E. Maenchen, Dean C. Rovang, Isidro Molina, Kelly Denise Hahn, Robert Lucero, Mark Aaron Kincy, David L. Kitterman, Bryan V. Oliver, Dale Robert Welch, David Vincent Rose

Conference Paper – 2002 Conference Paper 2002

Multidimensional Validation Imact Tests on PZT 95/5 and Alox

Shock Compression of Condensed Matter - 2001

Michael D. Furnish, Joshua Robbins, Wayne Trott, Lalit C Chhabildas, R. Jeffery Lawrence, Stephen Montgomery

Conference Paper – 2001 Conference Paper 2001

Multi-Dimensional Z-Pinch Calculations with ALEGRA

Pulsed Power Plasma Science 2001

Susan G Moore, Thomas A Brunner, Michael P. Desjarlais, R. Jeffery Lawrence, Raymond W. Lemke, Thomas A. Mehlhorn, Kent Grimmett Budge, Christopher J. Garasi, Allen C. Robinson, Kyle Cochrane

Conference Paper – 2001 Conference Paper 2001
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