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Computational thermal, chemical, fluid and solid mechanics for geosystems management

Mario J. Martinez, Patrick Notz, Daniel Z. Turner, Samuel Ramirez Subia, Polly L. Hopkins, Harry K. Moffat, Carlos F. Jove-Colon, Thomas Dewers, Katherine A. Klise, John R. Red-Horse, Brian Carnes, Mikhail Mesh, Richard V. Field, Scott M Davison, Hongkyu Yoon, Joseph E. Bishop, Pania NMN Newell, James E. Bean, Nicholas Alger

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011

Aleph: a parallel 3-D unstructured DSMC/PIC code

APS Division of Plasma Physics Meeting 2008

Matthew M. Hopkins, Polly L. Hopkins, Russell Hooper, Lawrence Musson, Steven J. Plimpton, Alan B. Williams

Conference Paper – 2008 Conference Paper 2008
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