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Sensitivity and Uncertainty Workflow of Full System SIERRA Models Supporting High Consequence Applications

George Edgar Orient, Robert L. Clay, Ernest Joseph Friedman-Hill, Philippe Pierre Pebay, Elliott Marshall Ridgway

SAND Report – 2019 SAND Report 2019

DARMA-EMPIRE Integration and Performance Assessment ? Interim Report

Jonathan Josiah Lifflander, Matthew Tyler Bettencourt, Nicole Slattengren, Gary J. Templet, Phil Miller, Meriadeg Perrinel, Francesco NMN Rizzi, Philippe Pierre Pebay

SAND Report – 2019 SAND Report 2019

pCAMAL: An Embarrassingly Parallel Hexahedral Mesh Generator

16th International Meshing Roundtable

Philippe Pierre Pebay, Leslie Anne Fortier, M.B. Stephenson, Steven J. Owen, Darryl J. Melander

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007
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