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GDSA Framework Development and Process Model Integration FY2022

Mariner, Paul M.; Debusschere, Bert D.; Fukuyama, David E.; Harvey, Jacob H.; LaForce, Tara; Leone, Rosemary C.; Perry, Frank V.; Swiler, Laura P.; TACONI, ANNA M.

The Spent Fuel and Waste Science and Technology (SFWST) Campaign of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy (NE), Office of Spent Fuel & Waste Disposition (SFWD) is conducting research and development (R&D) on geologic disposal of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) and high-level nuclear waste (HLW). A high priority for SFWST disposal R&D is disposal system modeling (Sassani et al. 2021). The SFWST Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment (GDSA) work package is charged with developing a disposal system modeling and analysis capability for evaluating generic disposal system performance for nuclear waste in geologic media. This report describes fiscal year (FY) 2022 advances of the Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment (GDSA) performance assessment (PA) development groups of the SFWST Campaign. The common mission of these groups is to develop a geologic disposal system modeling capability for nuclear waste that can be used to assess probabilistically the performance of generic disposal options and generic sites. The modeling capability under development is called GDSA Framework ( GDSA Framework is a coordinated set of codes and databases designed for probabilistically simulating the release and transport of disposed radionuclides from a repository to the biosphere for post-closure performance assessment. Primary components of GDSA Framework include PFLOTRAN to simulate the major features, events, and processes (FEPs) over time, Dakota to propagate uncertainty and analyze sensitivities, meshing codes to define the domain, and various other software for rendering properties, processing data, and visualizing results.

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Progress in Deep Geologic Disposal Safety Assessment in the U.S. since 2010

Mariner, Paul M.; Connolly, Laura A.; Cunningham, Leigh C.; Debusschere, Bert D.; Dobson, David C.; Frederick, Jennifer M.; Hammond, Glenn E.; Jordan, Spencer H.; LaForce, Tara; Nole, Michael A.; Park, Heeho D.; Perry, Frank V.; Rogers, Ralph D.; Seidl, Daniel T.; Sevougian, Stephen D.; Stein, Emily S.; Swift, Peter N.; Swiler, Laura P.; Vo, Jonathan V.; Wallace, Michael G.

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3 Results
3 Results