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Reinforcement Learning for PDE Control Problems

Siam Uq 2022

Nickolas Winovich, Bart G van Bloemen Waanders, Deepanshu Verma, Lars Ruthotto

Conference Presentation – 2022 Conference Presentation 2022

Deep Operator Network with Predictive Uncertainty

Mechanistic Machine Learning and Digital Twins for Computational Science, Engineering & Technology

Nickolas Winovich

Conference Presentation – 2021 Conference Presentation 2021

Novel Geometric Operations for Linear Programming

Mohamed Salah Ebeida, Ahmed Abdelkader, Nina Amenta, Drew Philip Kouri, Ojas D. Parekh, Cynthia Ann Phillips, Nickolas Winovich

SAND Report – 2020 SAND Report 2020

Rigorous Data Fusion for Computationally Expensive Simulations

Nickolas Winovich, Ahmad Rushdi, Eric T. Phipps, Jaideep Ray, Guang Lin, Mohamed Salah Ebeida

SAND Report – 2019 SAND Report 2019
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