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Hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of the eulytite phase of bismuth germanium oxide powders

Chemistry of Materials

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Eric Sivonxay, Pin Yang, Mark A. Rodriguez, Bernadette A. Hernandez-Sanchez, Nelson S. Bell, Andrew Velazques, Bryan James Kaehr, Marlene Bencomo, James J.M. Griego, Fred Patrick Doty

Journal Article – 2014 Journal Article 2014

Improved Flywheel Materials: Characterization of Nanofiber Modified Flywheel Test Specimen.

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Nelson S. Bell, Mark Ehlen, Benjamin John Anderson

SAND Report – 2013 SAND Report 2013

Improved Properties of Nanocomposites for Flywheel Applications.

2012 DOE Energy Storage Program Peer Review and Update Meeting

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Mathias C. Celina, Nelson S. Bell, William M. Miller, Benjamin John Anderson, Mark Ehlen

Conference Paper – 2012 Conference Paper 2012

SAND Report Resposive Nanocomposites

Cynthia Ann Phillips, C. Jeffrey Brinker, Timothy N. Lambert, Gary S. Grest, Thu Q. Doan, Daniel T. Yonemoto, Sarah Hoppe Pratt, Christopher A. Apblett, Gregory Von White II, Nelson S. Bell, PK Muthiah, Wolfgang Sigmund, Kathleen Martin, Yongming Tian, Yujiang Song, Eulalia Perreira, Bryan James Kaehr, Lauren Zarzar, Joanna Aizenberg, Carlos Chavez, Cody M. Washburn, Michael T. Brumbach, Todd M. Alam, David R. Wheeler, Claudia C. Luhrs, Stephen Wakeland, Jeffrey R. Potts, Jeffrey R. Prof. Potts, Doug Meng, Sanat K. Kumary, James Matthew Doyle Lane, Jagannathan T. Kalathi, John Shellnut

SAND Report – 2012 SAND Report 2012

Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Responsive Nanocomposites

National Institute for Nanoengineering Student Workshop

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Thu Doan, Leigh Anna Marie Steele, Sarah Hoppe Pratt, Nelson S. Bell, Derek Wichhart, Wolfgang Sigmund, Palanikkumaran Muthiah, Jeff Potts

Conference Paper – 2011 Conference Paper 2011

Fabrication of Large-Volume, Low-Cost Ceramic Lanthanum Halide Scintillators for Gamma Ray Detection (Final Report for DHS/DNDO/TRDD Project TA-01-SL01)

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Nelson S. Bell, Margaret Sanchez, Leigh Anna Marie Steele, Ching-Fong (Christopher) Chen

SAND Report – 2008 SAND Report 2008

Fabrication of Large-Volume, Low Cost Ceramic Lanthanum Halide Scintillators for gamma ray sepctroscopy (1st Qrt report)

Cynthia Ann Phillips, Nelson S. Bell, Mark A. Rodriguez, Margaret Sanchez, Leigh Anna Marie Steele, Richard P. Grant

Other Publication – 2007 Other Publication 2007
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