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Adverse Event Prediction Using Graph-Augmented Temporal Analysis: Final Report

Randolph Brost, Erin E. Carrier, Michelle Carroll, Katrina M. Groth, William Philip Kegelmeyer, Vitus J. Leung, Hamilton E. Link, Andrew John Patterson, Cynthia Ann Phillips, Samuel Richter, David G. Robinson, Andrea Staid, Diane M.-K. Woodbridge

SAND Report – 2018 SAND Report 2018

Geospatial-Temporal Semantic Graphs for Automated Wide-Area Search

Randolph Brost, Michelle Carroll, Debbie Dennison (LLNL), John Goforth (LLNL), William C. McLendon, James D. Morrow, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne (UVM), Ojas D. Parekh, Andrew John Patterson, Mark Daniel Rintoul, David R. Strip (SNL), USF) Diane M.-K. Woodbridge (SNL

SAND Report – 2017 SAND Report 2017

Image-Based Algorithms - Semantic Graph Algorithms

Nuclear Weapons Development and Material Production Detection (MPD) Program Review

Randolph Brost, Michelle Carroll, William C. McLendon, Ojas D. Parekh, David R. Strip, Mark Daniel Rintoul, Diane Woodbridge

Conference Paper – 2015 Conference Paper 2015
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