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Dynamics of a nuclear spin bath in enriched silicon

International Workshop on Silicon Quantum Electronics

Wayne Witzel, Matthew Grace, Malcolm S. Carroll

Conference Paper – 2017 Conference Paper 2017

Long-time noise characteristics of an isotopically-enriched silicon nuclear spin bath

Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop

Wayne Witzel, Matthew Grace

Abstract – 2017 Abstract 2017

Integrating dynamical decoupling pulses with optimal control theory for improved quantum control

Physical Review A

Matthew Grace, Malcolm S. Carroll, Wayne Witzel, Jason Dominy

Journal Article – 2011 Journal Article 2011

Combining DD with Optimal Control for Improved QIP

Workshop on Silicon Science & Technology for Quantum Computing

Matthew Grace, Wayne Witzel, Malcolm S. Carroll, Jason Dominy

Conference Paper – 2010 Conference Paper 2010

Control and Optimization of Open Quantum Systems for Information Processing

Matthew Grace, Constantin Brif, Andrew J Landahl, Wayne Witzel

Other Publication – 2010 Other Publication 2010
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Results 26–30 of 30