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All-electrical universal control of a double quantum dot qubit in silicon MOS

Technical Digest - International Electron Devices Meeting, IEDM

Harvey-Collard, Patrick; Jock, Ryan M.; Jacobson, Noah T.; Baczewski, Andrew D.; Mounce, Andrew M.; Curry, Matthew J.; Ward, Daniel R.; Anderson, John M.; Manginell, Ronald P.; Wendt, J.R.; Rudolph, Martin R.; Pluym, Tammy P.; Lilly, Michael L.; Pioro-Ladrière, Michel; Carroll, Malcolm

Qubits based on transistor-like Si MOS nanodevices are promising for quantum computing. In this work, we demonstrate a double quantum dot spin qubit that is all-electrically controlled without the need for any external components, like micromagnets, that could complicate integration. Universal control of the qubit is achieved through spin-orbit-like and exchange interactions. Using single shot readout, we show both DC- and AC-control techniques. The fabrication technology used is completely compatible with CMOS.

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Results 26–40 of 40
Results 26–40 of 40