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LAMMPS - A flexible simulation tool for particle-based materials modeling at the atomic, meso, and continuum scales

Computer Physics Communications

Aidan P. Thompson, Metin Aktulga, Richard Berger, Dan Stefan Bolintineanu, Michael W. Brown, Paul Crozier, Pieter J. in't Veld, Axel Kohlmeyer, Stan Gerald Moore, Trung Nguyen, Tzu-ray Shan, Mark J. Stevens, Julien Tranchida, Christian Robert Trott, Steven J. Plimpton

Journal Article – 2022 Journal Article 2022

Liquid-vapor interface of the Stockmayer fluid in a uniform external fi eld

Physical Review E

Stan Gerald Moore, Mark J. Stevens, Gary S. Grest

Journal Article – 2014 Journal Article 2014

Substructured Multibody Molecular Dynamics

Paul Crozier, Gary S. Grest, Ahmed Ismail, Richard B. Lehoucq, Steven J. Plimpton, Mark J. Stevens, Andrei I. Draganescu, Rudranarayan M. Mukherjee, Thomas B. Woolf

SAND Report – 2007 SAND Report 2007

Substructured Multibody Molecular Dynamics

2006 CIS External Review

Paul Crozier, Steven J. Plimpton, Mark J. Stevens, Richard B. Lehoucq, Kurt Anderson, Rudranarayan Mukherjee, Thomas Woolf

Other Publication – 2006 Other Publication 2006
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