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Enhanced Training for Cyber Situational Awareness in Red versus Blue Team Exercises

Mark D. Ladd, Armida J. Carbajal, Susan S. Adams, Austin Ray Silva, Kevin S. Nauer, Benjamin Robert Anderson

SAND Report – 2013 SAND Report 2013

A Data Driven Approach To Assess Team Performance Through Team Communication

Mark D. Ladd, Matthew R. Glickman, Michael Joseph Haass, Jonathan Hunt Whetzel

SAND Report – 2012 SAND Report 2012

Individual differences and a science of human performance

Human-Computer Interaction International

Mark D. Ladd, Robert G. Abbott, Susan S. Adams, Stacey Marie Hendrickson, Michael Christopher Stefan Trumbo, Michael Joseph Haass

Conference Paper – 2011 Conference Paper 2011

Toward Exascale Computing through Neuromorphic Approaches

Mark D. Ladd, Darren W. Branch, Amber T McKenzie

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011

Automated Knowledge Capture

Technical Exchange Meeting with GM

Mark D. Ladd, Robert G. Abbott

Other Publication – 2011 Other Publication 2011

A Dynamic Systems Model for Human Context Recognition and Understanding

Sandia-Unm Cognitive Systems Workshop

Mark D. Ladd, Patrick G. Xavier, Ann Speed

Conference Paper – 2004 Conference Paper 2004
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