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Sandia National Laboratories Arctic Science and Security Initiative

Ice-Diminished Arctic Symposium 2019

Jasper O. E. Hardesty, Mark D. Ivey, Lori K. Parrott, Holly A. Dockery, Jonathan R. Salton, Diana L Bull, Martin E. Thompson, Kara J. Peterson, Jennifer M Frederick, Darielle Dexheimer, Erika Louise Roesler

Conference Paper – 2019 Conference Paper 2019

Monitoring, Understanding, and Predicting the Growth of Methane Emissions in the Arctic

Ray Bambha, Brian LaFranchi, Paul E. Schrader, Erika Louise Roesler, Mark Alan Taylor, Daniel A. Lucero, Mark D. Ivey, Hope A. Michelsen

SAND Report – 2016 SAND Report 2016

Arctic Climate Systems Analysis

Mark D. Ivey, David G. Robinson, Mark B. Boslough, George A. Backus, Kara J. Peterson, Bart G van Bloemen Waanders, Laura Painton Swiler, Darin Maurice Desilets, Rhonda Karen Reinert

SAND Report – 2015 SAND Report 2015

Greenhouse Gas Source Attribution: Measurements, Modeling, and Uncertainty Quantification

Zhen Liu, Cosmin Safta, Khachik Sargsyan, Habib N. Najm, Bart G van Bloemen Waanders, Brian LaFranchi, Mark D. Ivey, Paul E. Schrader, Hope A. Michelsen, Ray Bambha

SAND Report – 2014 SAND Report 2014

Black Carbon, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide: Measurement, Modeling, and Source Attribution

California Governor's Office

Hope A. Michelsen, Ray Bambha, Zhen Liu, Paul E. Schrader, Mark D. Ivey, Erika Louise Roesler, Mark Alan Taylor, Brian LaFranchi, Frederick M. Helsel, Habib N. Najm, Khachik Sargsyan, Cosmin Safta

Presentation (non-conference) – 2014 Presentation (non-conference) 2014

Properties of Black Carbon Particles Relevant to Atmospheric Measurements

Energy and Climate External Advisory Board

Hope A. Michelsen, Paul E. Schrader, Erika Louise Roesler, Mark Alan Taylor, Mark D. Ivey, Mark A. Dansson

Other Publication – 2014 Other Publication 2014
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