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A Mathematical Framework for Multiscale Science and Engineering: The Variational Multiscale Method and Interscale Transfer OperatorsThe Variational Multiscale Method and Interscale Transfer Operators

Pavel B. Bochev, Mark Allen Christon, Samuel Scott Collis, Richard B. Lehoucq, John N. Shadid, Alexander Slepoy, Gregory J. Wagner

SAND Report – 2007 SAND Report 2007

On the Development of the Large Eddy Simulation Approach for Modeling Turbulent Flow: LDRD Final Report

Rodney C. Schmidt, Thomas M. Smith, Paul E DesJardin, Thomas E. Voth, Mark Allen Christon, Alan R. Kerstein, Scott E. Wunsch

Report – 2002 Report 2002

ALEGRA: User Input and Physics Descriptions Version 4.2

Denise R. Bleakly, Cecilia M. Gutierrez, Kent Grimmett Budge, Shawn P. Burns, Daniel E. Carroll, Susan Kenny Carroll, Mark Allen Christon, Richard R. Drake, Christopher J. Garasi, Thomas A. Haill, James S. Peery, Sharon Petney, Joshua Robbins, Allen C. Robinson, Randall M. Summers, Thomas E. Voth, Michael K. Wong

Report – 2002 Report 2002
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