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What Is the Fractional Laplacian? A Comparative Review with New Results

Journal of Computational Physics

Anna Lischke, Guofei Pang, Mamikon Gulian, Fangying Song, Christian Alexander Glusa, Xiaoning Zheng, Zhiping Mao, Wei Cai, Mark Meerschaert, Mark Ainsworth, George Karniadakis

Journal Article – 2019 Journal Article 2019

Machine Learning of Space-Fractional Differential Equations

RICAM Special Semester Optimization Workshop 2Optimal control and optimization for nonlocal models

Mamikon Gulian, Maziar Raissi, Paris Georgios Perdikaris, George Karniadakis

Conference Paper – 2019 Conference Paper 2019
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Results 26–27 of 27