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Exploring the parameter space of MagLIF implosions using similarity scaling

49th International Conference on Plasma Science

Daniel Edward Ruiz, Paul Schmit, David Alexander Yager-Elorriaga, Matthew Robert Weis, Christopher Ashley Jennings, Patrick Knapp, Marcos Amado Gomez, Stephen Avery Slutz, David Ampleford, Kristian Beckwith, Kara J. Peterson, M. Keith Matzen

Abstract – 2022 Abstract 2022

The High Current, Fast, 100ns, Linear Transformer Driver (LTD) Developmental Project at Sandia Laboratories and HCEI

16th SHCE and 10th CMM

Cynthia Ann Phillips, M. Keith Matzen, Dillon H. McDaniel, G. Randall McKee, John L. Porter, Mark E. Savage, Kenneth W. Struve, William A. Stygar, Joseph Ray Woodworth, A.A. Kim, V.A. Sinebryukhov, William E. Fowler, K.R. LeChien, W. Long, P.E. Wakeland, K.S. Ward

Conference Paper – 2010 Conference Paper 2010
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