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Towards Predictive Plasma Science and Engineering through Revolutionary Multi-Scale Algorithms and Models, Final Report

George Russell Laity, Allen C. Robinson, Michael E. Cuneo, Mary Kathleen Alam, Kristian Beckwith, Nichelle Lee Bennett, Matthew Tyler Bettencourt, Stephen D Bond, Kyle Cochrane, Louise Criscenti, Eric Christopher Cyr, Karen June De Zetter, Richard R. Drake, Evstati Georgiev Evstatiev, Andrew Steven Fierro, Thomas Anthony Gardiner, Forrest Glines, Ronald S. Goeke, Nathaniel Donald Hamlin, Russell Hooper, Jason Koski, James Matthew Doyle Lane, Steven Robert Larson, Kevin Leung, Duncan Alisdair Odum McGregor, Philip Rocco Miller, Sean Miller, Susan Jasmin Ossareh, Edward Geoffrey Phillips, Sean Simpson, David Sirajuddin, Thomas M. Smith, Matthew Scot Swan, Aidan P. Thompson, Julien Guy Tranchida, Asa Jal Bortz-Johnson, Dale Robert Welch, Alex Moore Russell, Eric Duarte Watson, David Vincent Rose, Ryan D McBride

SAND Report – 2021 SAND Report 2021

Overview of Upscaling from Atomistic to Continuum Models for Nuclear Waste Glass Dissolution and Making Models of Multicomponent Glass

Glass Corrosion Workshop

Louise Criscenti, Peter Andrew Schultz

Conference Paper – 2012 Conference Paper 2012

Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) Waste Integrated Performance and Safety Codes (IPSC): FY10 Development and Integration

Geoffrey A. Freeze, Jose G. Arguello, Julie F. Bouchard, Louise Criscenti, Thomas Dewers, Harold C. Edwards, David Carl Sassani, Peter Andrew Schultz, Yifeng Wang

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011
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