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Particle Motion and Adaptivity for Meshfree Methods Using an Error Potential Function

IV International Conference on Particle-Based Methods. Fundamentals and Applications. PARTICLES 2015

Jeremy Alan Templeton, Karla Vanessa Morris, Lindsay Crowl Erickson, David Zoeller Poliakoff

Abstract – 2015 Abstract 2015

Multiscale Modelling of Nuclear Waste Reprocessing

Separations Course at Yale

Alice M. Sobczak, Christopher M. Brotherton, Benjamin B. Cipiti, Roger P. Pawlowski, David R. Noble, Carlos F. Jove-Colon, Harry K. Moffat, Christine Cardinal Roberts, Martin Nemer, Timothy J. O'Hern, Stefan P. Domino, Gregory J. Wagner, Nicholas B Wyatt, Veena Tikare, Lindsay Crowl Erickson, Scott Alan Roberts, Bion Shelden, Michael Loewenberg

Other Publication – 2012 Other Publication 2012

Accelerated Molecular Dynamics and Equation-Free Methods for Simulating Diffusion in Solids

Gregory J. Wagner, Jie Deng, Lindsay Crowl Erickson, Steven J. Plimpton, Aidan P. Thompson, Xiaowang Zhou, Jonathan A. Zimmerman, W. Michael Brown

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011
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