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Scale and rate in CdS pressure-induced phase transition

AIP Conference Proceedings

Lane, J.M.D.; Thompson, Aidan P.; Srivastava, Ishan S.; Grest, Gary S.; Ao, Tommy A.; Stoltzfus, Brian S.; Austin, Kevin N.; Fan, H.; Morgan, D.; Knudson, Marcus D.

We describe recent efforts to improve our predictive modeling of rate-dependent behavior at, or near, a phase transition using molecular dynamics simulations. Cadmium sulfide (CdS) is a well-studied material that undergoes a solid-solid phase transition from wurtzite to rock salt structures between 3 and 9 GPa. Atomistic simulations are used to investigate the dominant transition mechanisms as a function of orientation, size and rate. We found that the final rock salt orientations were determined relative to the initial wurtzite orientation, and that these orientations were different for the two orientations and two pressure regimes studied. The CdS solid-solid phase transition is studied, for both a bulk single crystal and for polymer-encapsulated spherical nanoparticles of various sizes.

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1 Result
1 Result