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Performance of Mesoscale Modeling Methods for Predicting Rheological Properties of charged Polystyrene/Water Suspensions

81st Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology

Larry Gene Nicholson, Jeremy B. Lechman, Gary S. Grest, Steven J. Plimpton, Anne Mary Grillet, Christopher M. Brotherton, Jon Higdon, Amit Kumar, Chris Stoltz, Richard Jendrejack, Amy Rovelstad, Dave Heine, Horst Weiss, Pieter i nt' Veld

Conference Paper – 2011 Conference Paper 2011

Iterative Solver Preconditioners for Finite Element Formulations of Multiphysics Problems Including Incompressible Fluid and Solid Mechanics

International Conference on Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES '01)

Larry Gene Nicholson, Michael A. Heroux

Other Publication – 2001 Other Publication 2001

Iterative Solvers and Preconditioners for Fully-Coupled Finite Element Formulations of Incompressible Fluid Mechanics and Related Transport Problems

International Journal of Computational Methods for Fluids

Larry Gene Nicholson, Michael A. Heroux, Rekha R. Rao, Thomas A Baer, Samuel Ramirez Subia, Amy Cha-Tien Sun, Michael A. Heroux

Journal Article – 2001 Journal Article 2001
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