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SNL ATDM Analysis Components

ECP Annual Meeting

Eric T. Phipps, Byron Hanks, Francesco NMN Rizzi, Denis Ridzal, Joshua Robbins, Miguel Alejandro Aguilo Valentin, Kevin D. Copps

Display or Poster (non-conference) – 2017 Display or Poster (non-conference) 2017

Percept: verification tools for computational simulation

Trilinos User Group Meeting

Kevin D. Copps, Brian Carnes, Stephen Ray Kennon

Presentation (non-conference) – 2014 Presentation (non-conference) 2014

TUG 2010 Meshes, Geometry and Load Balancing Capability Area Load Balancing Capability Area

Trilinos Users Group Meeting

Karen D. Devine, Kevin D. Copps, Mohamed Salah Ebeida, David M. Hensinger, Patrick Knupp, Gregory D. Sjaardema, Alan B. Williams

Conference Paper – 2010 Conference Paper 2010

Solution-Verified Reliability Analysis and Design of Bistable MEMS Using Error Estimation and Adaptivity

Brian M. Adams, Barron James Bichon, Brian Carnes, Kevin D. Copps, Michael S. Eldred, Matthew M. Hopkins, David Carl Neckels, Patrick Notz, Samuel Ramirez Subia, Jonathan W. Wittwer

SAND Report – 2006 SAND Report 2006
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