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Controlled Formation of Stacked Si Quantum Dots in Vertical SiGe Nanowires

Nano Letters

Emily M. Turner, Quinn Campbell, Joaquin Pizarro, Hongbin Yang, Keshab Raj Sapkota, Ping Lu, Andrew David Baczewski, George T. Wang, Kevin S. Jones

Journal Article – 2021 Journal Article 2021

A New Route to Quantum-Scale Structures through a Novel Enhanced Germanium Diffusion Mechanism

George T. Wang, Ping Lu, Keshab Raj Sapkota, Andrew David Baczewski, Quinn Campbell, Peter Andrew Schultz, Kevin S. Jones, Emily M. Turner, Chappel J. Sharrock, Mark E. Law, Hongbin Yang

SAND Report – 2021 SAND Report 2021

Creation of nanoscale magnetic fields using nano-magnet arrays

AIP Advances

Keshab Raj Sapkota, Serena Eley, Ezra Bussmann, Charles Thomas Harris, Leon Maurer, Tzu-Ming Lu

Journal Article – 2019 Journal Article 2019

Fabrication and programming of nanomagnet arrays for nanoscale magnetic field synthesis

APS March Meeting 2019

Tzu-Ming Lu, Ezra Bussmann, Keshab Raj Sapkota, Serena Eley, Lisa A Tracy, Leon Maurer

Conference Paper – 2019 Conference Paper 2019

Engineering Spin-Orbit Interaction in Silicon

Tzu-Ming Lu, Leon Maurer, Ezra Bussmann, Charles Thomas Harris, Lisa A Tracy, Keshab Raj Sapkota

SAND Report – 2018 SAND Report 2018
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