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Image Analysis, Automation, and Machine Learning Techniques Applied to MOS Quantum Dot Tune-Up

Si Workshop 2018

Andrew Mounce, Phillip J. Lewis, Cara Patricia Monical, Noah Tobias Jacobson, Martin Rudolph, John Andersen, Joel R. Wendt, Tammy Pluym, Daniel Robert Ward, Kurt W. Larson, Michael Lilly, Malcolm S. Carroll

Conference Paper – 2019 Conference Paper 2019

All-electrical universal control of a double quantum dot qubit in silicon MOS

International Electron Device Meeting 2017

Malcolm S. Carroll, Patrick Harvey-Collard, Ryan Michael Jock, Noah Tobias Jacobson, Andrew Mounce, Andrew David Baczewski, Martin Rudolph, Joel R. Wendt, Daniel Robert Ward, Matthew Jon Curry, John Andersen, Ronald P. Manginell, Michael Lilly, Tammy Pluym, Michel Pioro-Ladriere

Conference Paper – 2017 Conference Paper 2017
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