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WORKSHOP REPORT: AI-Enhanced Co-Design for Next-Generation Microelectronics: Innovating Innovation

Michael R. Descour, Jeffrey Y. Tsao, David John Stracuzzi, Anna K Wakeland, David R. Schultz, William Smith, Jacquilyn Anne Weeks

Report – 2021 Report 2021

Recommended Research Directions for Improving the Validation of Complex Systems Models

Eric D. Vugrin, Timothy G. Trucano, Laura Painton Swiler, Patrick D. Finley, Tatiana Paz Flanagan, Asmeret Bier Naugle, Jeffrey Y. Tsao, Stephen Joseph Verzi

SAND Report – 2017 SAND Report 2017

CSVVUQ Workshop Footprint_20160728

Jeffrey Y. Tsao, Timothy G. Trucano, Stephen D. Kleban, Asmeret Bier Naugle, Stephen Joseph Verzi, Laura Painton Swiler, Curtis Martin Johnson, Mark A. Smith, Tatiana Paz Flanagan, Eric D. Vugrin, Kasimir Georg Gabert, Matthew Samuel Lave, Wei Chen (Northwestern), Daniel DeLaurentis (Purdue), Alfred Hubler (Univerisity of Illinois at Urbana Champagne), Bill Oberkampf (WLO Consulting)

SAND Report – 2016 SAND Report 2016

Interplay Between Science, Technology, and Mission: A Historical Perspectove on the Relationship between Sandia National Laboratories and the Department of Energy's Office of Science

Jeffrey Y. Tsao, Jerry A. Simmons, Samuel Scott Collis, Andrew McIlroy, Samuel M. Myers, S. Thomas Picraux, Frederick L. Vook

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011

Final Report on Grand Challenge LDRD Project: A Revolution in Lighiting - Building the Science and Technology Base for Ultra-Efficient Solid-State Lighting

Jerry A. Simmons, Jeffrey Y. Tsao, Steven R Kurtz, Robert Kaplar, Thomas M. Bauer, Weng W. Chow, Karen E. Waldrip, Eric D. Jones, Stephen R. Lee, Arthur J. Fischer, Mary H. Crawford, Kristine W. Fullmer, Billie L Abrams, Robert M. Biefeld, Daniel Koleske, Andrew A. Allerman, Jeffrey J. Figiel, J. Randall Creighton, Michael E. Coltrin, Karen C. Cross, Christine C. Mitchell, Thomas Marc Kerley, George T. Wang, Katherine Bogart, Carleton H. Seager, Jonathan Campbell, David M. Follstaedt, Randall Lee Mayes, Adam K Norman, Alan F. Wright, Samuel M. Myers, Nancy A. Missert, Robert Guild Copeland, James M. Gee, Paula P. Provencio, Jess P Wilcoxon, G. Ronald Hadley, S. Woessner, Joel R. Wendt, Randy J. Shul, Lauren E. S. Rohwer, David Tallant, Regina L Simpson, Harry K. Moffat, Andrew G. Salinger, Roger P. Pawlowski, John A. Emerson, Ivan Gary Waddoups, Phillip J. Cole, Kevin W Boyack, Russell D. Elliott, Marie L. Garcia, Mark S. Allen, A. Salamone, Brent Burdick, Nabeel Rahal, Mary Ann Monson, Ed T. Southwell, Ann E. Miksovic, A. O. Pinson, M. J. Pinzon

SAND Report – 2004 SAND Report 2004
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