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4th Workshop on Ramp Compression

4th Workshop on Ramp Compression

Jean-Paul Davis, Dawn Gustine Flicker, Raymond W. Lemke, Matthew R Martin, Charles S Alexander, Thomas A. Haill, Tommy Ao, Daniel H. Dolan, James Matthew Doyle Lane, Aidan P. Thompson, Richard R. Drake, V. Gregory Weirs, James R. Asay, Jon Eggert, Carl Greeff, Neil Holmes, Camille Chauvin, Jacques Petit, Raymond F. Smith, Simon N. Bland, Christophe Voltz, Douglas G. Tasker, Pierre-Yves Chanal, Daniel Orlikowski, Roger W. Minich, Joshua Robbins, Jow Ding, Jeffrey H. Nguyen, Bryan W. Reed

Other Publication – 2011 Other Publication 2011

AWE Discussions

AWE Visitor Meeting

Charles S Alexander, JAMES R. ASAY, Lalit C Chhabildas, Michael D. Furnish, Daniel H. Dolan, Jean-Paul Davis, Raymond W. Lemke, Michael P. Desjarlais, Eugene S. Hertel, Aidan P. Thompson

Other Publication – 2006 Other Publication 2006

Solf-Consistent, 2D Magneto-Hydrodynamic Simulatons of Magnetically Driven Flyer Plates

44th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics 2002

Lisa A. Bunting Baca, Marcus David Knudson, Allen C. Robinson, Thomas A. Haill, Kenneth W. Struve, Stephen Avery Slutz, Jean-Paul Davis, James Russell Asay, Thomas A. Mehlhorn

Other Publication – 2002 Other Publication 2002
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