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Developing Uncertainty Quantification Strategies in Electromagnetic Problems Involving Highly Resonant Cavities

Journal of Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification

Campione, Salvatore; Stephens, John A.; Martin, Nevin; Eckert, Aubrey C.; Warne, Larry K.; Huerta, Jose G.; Pfeiffer, Robert A.; Jones, Adam J.

High-quality factor resonant cavities are challenging structures to model in electromagnetics owing to their large sensitivity to minute parameter changes. Therefore, uncertainty quantification (UQ) strategies are pivotal to understanding key parameters affecting the cavity response. We discuss here some of these strategies focusing on shielding effectiveness (SE) properties of a canonical slotted cylindrical cavity that will be used to develop credibility evidence in support of predictions made using computational simulations for this application.

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5 Results
5 Results