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A cross-enclave composition mechanism for exascale system software

Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers, ROSS 2016 - In conjunction with HPDC 2016

Evans, Noah; Pedretti, Kevin P.; Kocoloski, Brian; Lange, John; Lang, Michael; Bridges, Patrick G.

As supercomputers move to exascale, the number of cores per node continues to increase, but the I/O bandwidth between nodes is increasing more slowly. This leads to computational power outstripping I/O bandwidth. This growth, in turn, encourages moving as much of an HPC workflow as possible onto the node in order to minimize data movement. One particular method of application composition, enclaves, co-locates different operating systems and runtimes on the same node where they communicate by in situ communication mechanisms. In this work, we describe a mechanism for communicating between composed applications. We implement a mechanism using Copy onWrite cooperating with XEMEM shared memory to provide consistent, implicitly unsynchronized communication across enclaves. We then evaluate this mechanism using a composed application and analytics between the Kitten Lightweight Kernel and Linux on top of the Hobbes Operating System and Runtime. These results show a 3% overhead compared to an application running in isolation, demonstrating the viability of this approach.

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4 Results
4 Results