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Geospatial-Temporal Semantic Graphs for Automated Wide-Area Search

Randolph Brost, Michelle Carroll, Debbie Dennison (LLNL), John Goforth (LLNL), William C. McLendon, James D. Morrow, Jarlath O'Neil-Dunne (UVM), Ojas D. Parekh, Andrew John Patterson, Mark Daniel Rintoul, David R. Strip (SNL), USF) Diane M.-K. Woodbridge (SNL

SAND Report – 2017 SAND Report 2017

Decision Insight into Stakeholder Conflict for ERN

John Daniel Siirola, Vincent C. Tidwell, Christina E. Warrender, James D. Morrow, Zachary O. Benz, Jessica Glicken Turnley, Melanie Stansbury, Elizabeth Richards

SAND Report – 2012 SAND Report 2012

Final Report for LDRD Project 11-0783: Directed Robots for Increased Military Manpower Effectiveness

Koenraad George Frans Janssens, James D. Morrow, Fredrick Rothganger, Patrick G. Xavier, John S. Wagner

SAND Report – 2011 SAND Report 2011

Modeling Aspects of Human Memory for Scientific Study

Michael Lewis Bernard, James D. Morrow, Shawn Ellis Taylor, Stephen Joseph Verzi, Craig Michael Vineyard, Thomas P Caudell, Neal J Cohen, Howard B Eichenbaum, Mark A McDaniel, Patrick Watson

SAND Report – 2010 SAND Report 2010

Memory in Silico: Building a Neuromimetic Episodic Cognitive Model

2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE 2009)

Shawn Ellis Taylor, Craig Michael Vineyard, Michael J Healy, Thomas P Caudell, Neal J Cohen, Patrick Watson, H Eichenbaum, Stephen Joseph Verzi, James D. Morrow, Michael Lewis Bernard

Conference Paper – 2009 Conference Paper 2009

Automated Analysis for Understanding Large Text Corpora: Analyzing text to understand individuals and groups

International Studies Asociation 2008 Conference

James D. Morrow, Brett W. Bader, Peter Alexander Chew, Ann Speed

Conference Paper – 2008 Conference Paper 2008
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