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Heterogeneity and Nanocrystalline Stability in Noble-Metal Alloys

Nature Materials

Nicolas Argibay, Ping Lu, David P. Adams, Fadi F. Abdeljawad, Blythe Clark, Brad Boyce, Timothy Allen Furnish, John Curry, Christopher John O'Brien, Michael E. Chandross, Michael T. Dugger, Erik David Spoerke, Christopher (MIT) Schuh, Stephen M. Foiles

Journal Article – 2018 Journal Article 2018

Galactic Nanostructures

MRS Spring Meeting

Thomas M. Smith, Bonnie B. McKenzie, Erik David Spoerke, James Alan Voigt, Jun Liu

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007

Sequential Nucleation and Growth of Complex Nanostructured Films

Advanced Materials

Thomas M. Smith, James Alan Voigt, Julia W. P. Hsu, Erik David Spoerke, Zhengrong Tian, Yingbing Jiang

Journal Article – 2006 Journal Article 2006
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