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Dynamic Multi-Sensor Multi-Mission Optimal Planning Tool

Christopher G. Valicka, Stephen Rowe, Simon Zou, Scott A. Mitchell, William R. Irelan, Eric L Pollard, Deanna Garcia, Gabriel Anton Hackebeil, Andrea Staid, Mark Daniel Rintoul, Jean-Paul Watson, William Eugene Hart, Sivakumar (TAMU) Rathinam, Lewis (TAMU) Ntaimo

SAND Report – 2016 SAND Report 2016

Mixed-Integer Formulations for Constellation Scheduling

Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies Conference

Christopher G. Valicka, William Eugene Hart, Mark Daniel Rintoul, Scott A. Mitchell, Eric L Pollard, Simon Zou, Stephen Rowe

Conference Paper – 2015 Conference Paper 2015
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