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Crossing the Mesoscale No-Mans Land via Parallel Kinetic Monte Carlo

Steven J. Plimpton, Corbett C. Battaile, Michael E. Chandross, Elizabeth A. Holm, Aidan P. Thompson, Veena Tikare, Gregory J. Wagner, Edmund B. Webb, Xiaowang Zhou, Cristina Garcia Cardona, Alexander Slepoy

SAND Report – 2009 SAND Report 2009

Towards a predictive MHD simulation capability for designing hypervelocity magnetically-driven flyer plates and PW-class z-pinch x-ray sources on Z and ZR

2006 Megagauss XI Conference

Thomas A. Mehlhorn, Thomas A Brunner, Michael P. Desjarlais, Christopher J. Garasi, Thomas A. Haill, Heath L. Hanshaw, Raymond W. Lemke, Bryan V. Oliver, Kyle John Peterson, Edmund Yu, Roger A. Vesey, Michael E. Cuneo, Brent M. Jones, Marcus David Knudson, Daniel Sinars, Allen C. Robinson, Timothy G. Trucano

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007

Dynamics of Exchange at Gas-Zeolite Interfaces I: Pure Component n-Butane and Isobutane

Jornal of Physical Chemistry B

Robert S. Barlow, Edmund B. Webb, Gary S. Grest, Marcus Gary Martin, Aidan P. Thompson

Journal Article – 2000 Journal Article 2000
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