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Nucleation and Propagation of an Edge Crack in a Uniformly Cooled Epoxy/Glass Bimaterial

Fourteenth U.S. National Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Earl David Reedy, Tommy R. Guess

Other Publication – 2002 Other Publication 2002

Investigation of the Impact of Cleaning on the Adhesive Bond and the Process Implications

Todd R. Christenson, Tommy R. Guess, Carol L. Jones Adkins, John Gillette Curro, Earl David Reedy, Edwin P. Lopez, Paul Albert Lemke

Report – 2000 Report 2000

Micromechanical Failure Analyses for Finite Element Polymer Modeling

Robert S. Chambers, Earl David Reedy, Chi S. Lo, Douglas B. Adolf, Tommy R. Guess

Report – 2000 Report 2000

Materials Issues for Micromachines Development - ASCI Program Plan

Huei Eliot Fang, Corbett C. Battaile, Gilbert L. Benavides, Mark Travis Ensz, Thomas E. Buchheit, David A. LaVan, Er-Ping Chen, Todd R. Christenson, Maarten P De Boer, Samuel L. Miller, Michael T. Dugger, Somuri V. Prasad, Earl David Reedy, Aidan P. Thompson, Chungnin C. Wong, Pin Yang, Corbett C. Battaile

Report – 2000 Report 2000
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