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Changing the Engineering Design & Qualification Paradigm in Component Design & Manufacturing (Born Qualified)

America Makes

R. Allen Roach, Joseph E. Bishop, Bradley Howell Jared, David M Keicher, Adam Cook, Shaun R Whetten, Eric Christopher Forrest, Joshua Stanford, Brad Boyce, Kyle Johnson, Theron Rodgers, Kurtis Ross Ford, Mario J. Martinez, Daniel Moser, Bart G van Bloemen Waanders, Michael E. Chandross, Fadi F. Abdeljawad, Kyle Matthew Allen, Michael Stender, Lauren L. Beghini, Laura Painton Swiler, Brian T. Lester, Nicolas Argibay, Harlan James Brown-Shaklee, Andrew Kustas, Joshua Daniel Sugar, Daniel Kammler, Mark Allen Wilson

Presentation (non-conference) – 2018 Presentation (non-conference) 2018

Born Qualified EAB Telecon

BQ EAB Telecon

R. Allen Roach, Bradley Howell Jared, Adam Cook, David M Keicher, Bart G van Bloemen Waanders, Laura Painton Swiler, Daniel Thomas Seidl, Timothy Michael Wildey, Shaun R Whetten

Presentation (non-conference) – 2018 Presentation (non-conference) 2018
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