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Multiscale modeling of CL20 and HNS ? Atomistic to Continuum

JOWOG 9 Energetic Materials Plenary Meeting 2022

David Lee Damm, James Allen Stewart, Robert Knepper, Mitchell Wood, Judith Alice Brown, Julia Marilyn Hartig, Michael Neil Sakano

Abstract – 2022 Abstract 2022

Lattice Structures for Dynamic Impact Environments

Astm Amcoe

Bradley Howell Jared, David Lee Damm, Shawn Christopher Stacy, David J. Saiz, David G. Moore, Collin Epstein, Brad Boyce, Scott Craig Jensen, Riley Martin McCarthy, Ryan Alberdi, Michael Heiden, Joshua Robbins, Timothy Ruggles, Brittany Ann Branch

Conference Paper – 2020 Conference Paper 2020

AM cross-JOWOG abstract titles

AM cross-JOWOG

Bradley Howell Jared, Joshua Robert Koepke, David J. Saiz, Michael Heiden, Brad Boyce, David Lee Damm, Christopher Hammetter, David G. Moore, Joshua Robbins, Shawn Christopher Stacy, Alexander S. Tappan, John A. Mitchell, Jonathan D Madison, Thomas Ivanoff, Daryl Dagel

Abstract – 2019 Abstract 2019
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