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Trust in Influence Dynamics: Using Reinforcement Learning to Evaluate Defense Strategies

International System Dynamics Conference

Asmeret Bier Naugle, Asael Hal Sorensen, Fredrick Rothganger, Stephen Joseph Verzi, Cas Doyle, Daniel Joseph Krofcheck

Conference Poster – 2022 Conference Poster 2022

What Can Simulation Test Beds Teach Us About Social Science? Results of the Ground Truth Program

Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory

Asmeret Bier Naugle, Daniel Joseph Krofcheck, Christina E. Warrender, Kiran Lakkaraju, Laura Painton Swiler, Stephen Joseph Verzi, Benjamin Freixas Emery, Angela Michelle Murdock, Michael Lewis Bernard, Vicente J. Romero

Journal Article – 2022 Journal Article 2022

COVID-19 Medical Resource Demands

DOE Presentation

Sean DeRosa, Patrick D. Finley, Melissa Finley, Walter Eugene Beyeler, Daniel Joseph Krofcheck, Christopher Rawls Frazier, Laura Painton Swiler, Teresa Portone, Erin Acquesta, Paula Austin, Drew Levin, Robert A. Taylor, Katherine Dorothy Tremba, Monear Makvandi, Ann Hammer, Chad E. Davis

Presentation (non-conference) – 2020 Presentation (non-conference) 2020

Uncertainty Analysis Framework for the Hospital Resource Supply Model for Covid-19

Walter Eugene Beyeler, Christopher Rawls Frazier, Daniel Joseph Krofcheck, Laura Painton Swiler, Teresa Portone, Katherine A. Klise

SAND Report – 2020 SAND Report 2020

Treatment Model Design and Use

DOE-OE Covid-19 Response Project

Walter Eugene Beyeler, Christopher Rawls Frazier, Laura Painton Swiler, Teresa Portone, Daniel Joseph Krofcheck

Presentation (non-conference) – 2020 Presentation (non-conference) 2020
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