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QMCPACK : An open source ab initio Quantum Monte Carlo package for the electronic structure of atoms, molecules, and solids

Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

Jeongnim Kim, Andrew David Baczewski, Todd A Beaudet, A Benali, Michael Bennett, Mark A Berrill, Nick S Blunt, Michele Casula, David M Ceperley, Simone Chiesa, Bryan K Clark, Raymond C. Clay III, Kris T Delaney, Mark Dewing, Kenneth P Esler, Hongxia Hao, Olle Heinonen, Paul RC Kent, Jaron T Krogel, Ilkka Kylanpaa, Ying Wai Li, M Graham Lopez, Ye Luo, Richard M Martin, Amrita Mathuriya, Jeremy McMinis, Cody Allen Melton, Lubos Mitas, Eric Neuscamman, William D Parker, Sergio D Pineda Flores, NA Romero, BM Rubenstein, JAR Shea, Hyeondeok Shin, Luke Nathan Shulenburger, Andreas Tillack, Joshua P Townsend, Norman M Tubman, Brett Van der Goetz, Jordan E Vincent, Yubo Yang, Shuai Zhang, Miguel Morales, Luning Zhao

Journal Article – 2018 Journal Article 2018
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