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Using ultrasonic attenuation in cortical bone to infer distributions on pore size

Applied Mathematical Modelling

White, Rebekah D.; Alexanderian, A.; Yousefian, O.; Karbalaeisadegh, Y.; Bekele-Maxwell, K.; Kasali, A.; Banks, H.T.; Talmant, M.; Grimal, Q.; Muller, M.

In this work we infer the underlying distribution on pore radius in human cortical bone samples using ultrasonic attenuation data. We first discuss how to formulate polydisperse attenuation models using a probabilistic approach and the Waterman Truell model for scattering attenuation. We then compare the Independent Scattering Approximation and the higher-order Waterman Truell models’ forward predictions for total attenuation in polydisperse samples. Following this, we formulate an inverse problem under the Prohorov Metric Framework coupled with variational regularization to stabilize this inverse problem. We then use experimental attenuation data taken from human cadaver samples and solve inverse problems resulting in nonparametric estimates of the probability density function on pore radius. We compare these estimates to the “true” microstructure of the bone samples determined via microCT imaging. We find that our methodology allows us to reliably estimate the underlying microstructure of the bone from attenuation data.

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2 Results
2 Results