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Building a 'Desing-to-Analysis' Interface for SUMMiT-Based Microsystem Development

ASME 2001 EMECE (International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition)

Chungnin C. Wong, Craig R. Jorgensen, Victor R. Yarberry, Pauline Ho, Roger P. Pawlowski, James Evan Freymiller, Darryl J. Melander

Conference Paper – 2001 Conference Paper 2001

Investigation of Gas Flow in Long and Narrow Channels

ASME 2000 Fluid Engineering Summer Conference

Chungnin C. Wong, Tracie L. Durbin, Douglas R Adkins, John N. Shadid

Conference Paper – 2000 Conference Paper 2000

Materials Issues for Micromachines Development - ASCI Program Plan

Huei Eliot Fang, Corbett C. Battaile, Gilbert L. Benavides, Mark Travis Ensz, Thomas E. Buchheit, David A. LaVan, Er-Ping Chen, Todd R. Christenson, Maarten P De Boer, Samuel L. Miller, Michael T. Dugger, Somuri V. Prasad, Earl David Reedy, Aidan P. Thompson, Chungnin C. Wong, Pin Yang, Corbett C. Battaile

Report – 2000 Report 2000
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