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Sonic Infrared (IR) imaging and fluorescent penetrant inspection probability of detection (POD) comparison

AIP Conference Proceedings

DiMambro, Joseph D.; Ashbaugh, D.M.; Nelson, C.L.; Spencer, Floyd W.

Sandia National Laboratories Airworthiness Assurance Nondestructive Inspection Validation Center (AANC) implemented two crack probability of detection (POD) experiments to compare in a quantitative manner the ability of Sonic Infrared (IR) Imaging and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) to reliably detect cracks. Blind Sonic IR and FPI inspections were performed on titanium and Inconel® specimens having statistically relevant flaw profiles. Inspector hit/miss data was collected and POD curves for each technique were generated and compared. In addition, the crack lengths for a number of titanium and Inconel® reference standards were measured before and after repeated Sonic IR inspections to determine if crack growth occurred. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.

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2 Results
2 Results