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SAGE Intrusion Detection System: Sensitivity Analysis Guided Explainability for Machine Learning

Michael Reed Smith, Erin Acquesta, Arlo L. Ames, Alycia Noel Carey, Christopher Roman Cuellar, Richard V. Field, Trevor Maxfield, Scott A. Mitchell, Elizabeth Susan Morris, Blake Cameron Moss, Megan Nyre-Yu, Ahmad Rushdi, Mallory Catherine Stites, Charles Smutz, Xin Zhou

SAND Report – 2021 SAND Report 2021

Creating an Interprocedural Analyst-Oriented Data Flow Representation for Binary Analysts (CIAO)

Michelle A. Leger, Karin Butler, Denis Bueno, Matthew Crepeau, Christopher Roman Cuellar, Alex Godwin, Michael Joseph Haass, Timothy James Loffredo, Ravi Mangal, Laura E. Matzen, Vivian Nguyen, Alessandro Orso, Geoffrey Edward Reedy, John Stasko, Mallory Catherine Stites, Julian Tuminaro, Andrew T. Wilson

SAND Report – 2018 SAND Report 2018
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