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Specifying and Reading Program Input with NIDRInput with NIDR

INFORMS 2008 Fall Meeting

Christopher J. Roy, Michael S. Eldred

Conference Paper – 2008 Conference Paper 2008

Automatic Differentiation of Large-Scale C++ Applications with Sacado

Workshop on Combinatorial Scientific Computing & Petascale Simulations 2008

Christopher J. Roy, Roscoe Bartlett

Conference Paper – 2008 Conference Paper 2008

Benefits of Simulation Codes from Automatic Differentiation of Templated C++

Tri-Lab Engineering Conference

Christopher J. Roy, Roscoe Bartlett, Eric T. Phipps

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007

Automatic Differentiation For enabling Predictive Simulations

2006 CIS External Review

Christopher J. Roy, Eric T. Phipps, Eric T. Phipps

Other Publication – 2006 Other Publication 2006

Automatic Differentiation of C++ Codes for Large-Scale Scientific Computing

Third International Workshop on Automatic Differentiation at ICCS 2006

Christopher J. Roy, Roscoe Bartlett

Conference Paper – 2006 Conference Paper 2006

Verification of a Compressible CFD Code Using the Method of Manufactured Solutions

32nd AIAA Fluid Dynamics Conference

Christopher J. Roy, Thomas M. Smith, Curtis C. Ober

Conference Paper – 2002 Conference Paper 2002

Numerical Simulations of a Methanol Pool Fire

39th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit

Darin Lynn George, Thomas M. Smith, Christopher J. Roy

Conference Paper – 2001 Conference Paper 2001
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