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Biologically Inspired Interception on an Unmanned System

Frances S. Chance, Charles Q. Little, Marcus McKenzie, Ryan Anthony Dellana, Daniel E. Small, Thomas R. Gayle, David K. Novick

Report – 2021 Report 2021

Eyes On the Ground: Year 2 Assessment

Randolph Brost, Charles Q. Little, Michael McDaniel, William C. McLendon, James Rokwel Wade

SAND Report – 2018 SAND Report 2018

Urban Hopper

SPIE Defense, Security & Sensing

Richard L. Craft, Stephen Buerger, Lisa C. Marron, John T. Feddema, Gary J. Fischer, Charles Q. Little, Barry L. Spletzer, Patrick G. Xavier, Alfred A. Rizzi, Michael P. Murphy, John Giarratana, Matthew D. Malchano, Christian A. Weagle

Conference Paper – 2010 Conference Paper 2010
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