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SAND Report Resposive Nanocomposites

Cynthia Ann Phillips, C. Jeffrey Brinker, Timothy N. Lambert, Gary S. Grest, Thu Q. Doan, Daniel T. Yonemoto, Sarah Hoppe Pratt, Christopher A. Apblett, Gregory Von White II, Nelson S. Bell, PK Muthiah, Wolfgang Sigmund, Kathleen Martin, Yongming Tian, Yujiang Song, Eulalia Perreira, Bryan James Kaehr, Lauren Zarzar, Joanna Aizenberg, Carlos Chavez, Cody M. Washburn, Michael T. Brumbach, Todd M. Alam, David R. Wheeler, Claudia C. Luhrs, Stephen Wakeland, Jeffrey R. Potts, Jeffrey R. Prof. Potts, Doug Meng, Sanat K. Kumary, James Matthew Doyle Lane, Jagannathan T. Kalathi, John Shellnut

SAND Report – 2012 SAND Report 2012

Control of Germanium Nanocrystal Morphology via Molecularly Designed Ge(II) PrecursorsPrecursors

Journal of the American Chemical Society

Cynthia Ann Phillips, C. Jeffrey Brinker, Henry Gerung, Louis Tribby, Sang Han

Journal Article – 2007 Journal Article 2007

Direct Focused Ion Beam Drilling of Nanopores

Materials Research Society Fall Symposium

Mark Aaron Kincy, Vernon Carter Hodges, C. Jeffrey Brinker, Michael Vasile, Zhu Chen, David P. Adams

Conference Paper – 2006 Conference Paper 2006
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