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Initial Comparison to Experiments of EMPIRE Simulations with Diodes Driven by the Photoelectric Effect

International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Plasmas

Keith Cartwright, Christopher Hudson Moore, Nicholas Roberds, Kelsey Christina Abel, Timothy McGuire Flanagan, Peggy Jo Christenson, Matthew Tyler Bettencourt, Timothy D. Pointon, C. David Turner, Elaine M. Raybourn

Conference Paper – 2019 Conference Paper 2019

EMPIRE and EMPHASIS: Verification and Validation

Technical interchange on beam physics, presentation of Sandia work on desktop electron accelerators and associated diagnostics

Keith Cartwright, Matthew Tyler Bettencourt, Timothy D. Pointon, Kristian Beckwith, Eric Christopher Cyr, Richard Michael Jack Kramer, William McDoniel, Sean Miller, Nathan Roberts, Gregg Arthur Radtke, Sidney Shields, Matthew Scot Swan, C. David Turner, Christopher Hudson Moore

Presentation (non-conference) – 2019 Presentation (non-conference) 2019

Physics Applications in the ALEGRA Framework

1st MIT Conference on Computational Fluid & Solid Mechanics

Daniel E. Carroll, Allen C. Robinson, Michael K. Wong, Joe R. Weatherby, Thomas A. Haill, C. David Turner

Other Publication – 2001 Other Publication 2001
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