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Effect of Molecular Recombination on X-Ray Impulse in Polyethylene

Hardened Electronics and Radiation Technology (HEART) Technical Interchange Meeting

Nathan W. Moore, Jason James Sanchez, Adam James Harvey-Thompson, Brent M. Jones, Clayton Edward Myers, Kevin Nicholas Long, Katie (LANL) Maerzke, Michael L. Hobbs

Abstract – 2019 Abstract 2019

Towards a predictive MHD simulation capability for designing hypervelocity magnetically-driven flyer plates and PW-class z-pinch x-ray sources on Z and ZR

2006 Megagauss XI Conference

Thomas A. Mehlhorn, Thomas A Brunner, Michael P. Desjarlais, Christopher J. Garasi, Thomas A. Haill, Heath L. Hanshaw, Raymond W. Lemke, Bryan V. Oliver, Kyle John Peterson, Edmund Yu, Roger A. Vesey, Michael E. Cuneo, Brent M. Jones, Marcus David Knudson, Daniel Sinars, Allen C. Robinson, Timothy G. Trucano

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007

Three-dimensional ALEGRA-HEDP simulations of modulated wire arrays on MAGPIE

31st IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science

Christopher Deeney, Brent M. Jones, Thomas A. Mehlhorn, Allen C. Robinson, Scott E. Wunsch, Bryan Oliver, D. Ampleford, Simon N. Bland, Simon Bott, Sergey V. Lebedev

Conference Paper – 2007 Conference Paper 2007
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