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Generating uncertainty distributions for seismic signal onset times

Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America

Peterson, Matthew G.; Vollmer, Charles V.; Brogan, Ronald; Stracuzzi, David J.; Young, Christopher J.

Signal arrival-time estimation plays a critical role in a variety of downstream seismic analy-ses, including location estimation and source characterization. Any arrival-time errors propagate through subsequent data-processing results. In this article, we detail a general framework for refining estimated seismic signal arrival times along with full estimation of their associated uncertainty. Using the standard short-term average/long-term average threshold algorithm to identify a search window, we demonstrate how to refine the pick estimate through two different approaches. In both cases, new waveform realizations are generated through bootstrap algorithms to produce full a posteriori estimates of uncertainty of onset arrival time of the seismic signal. The onset arrival uncertainty estimates provide additional data-derived information from the signal and have the potential to influence seismic analysis along several fronts.

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15 Results
15 Results