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Towards a performance portable compressible CFD code

23rd AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference, 2017

Howard, Micah A.; Bradley, Andrew M.; Bova, S.W.; Overfelt, James R.; Wagnild, Ross M.; Dinzl, Derek J.; Hoemmen, Mark F.; Klinvex, Alicia M.

High performance computing (HPC) is undergoing a dramatic change in computing architectures. Nextgeneration HPC systems are being based primarily on many-core processing units and general purpose graphics processing units (GPUs). A computing node on a next-generation system can be, and in practice is, heterogeneous in nature, involving multiple memory spaces and multiple execution spaces. This presents a challenge for the development of application codes that wish to compute at the extreme scales afforded by these next-generation HPC technologies and systems - the best parallel programming model for one system is not necessarily the best parallel programming model for another. This inevitably raises the following question: how does an application code achieve high performance on disparate computing architectures without having entirely different, or at least significantly different, code paths, one for each architecture? This question has given rise to the term ‘performance portability’, a notion concerned with porting application code performance from architecture to architecture using a single code base. In this paper, we present the work being done at Sandia National Labs to develop a performance portable compressible CFD code that is targeting the ‘leadership’ class supercomputers the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) is acquiring over the course of the next decade.

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3 Results
3 Results